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British Resource Association to close at the end of the year

29 Nov 2019 − The British Resource Association will be closing on 31 December 2019 due to changing priorities for its members which, at a time of economic uncertainty, have less demand for the cross-sectoral policy work that has...» more


ISRI: Indonesian rules on waste paper imports still subject to discussion

26 Jul 2019 − The quality requirements that will apply to recovered paper (RCP) imports are still not set in stone in Indonesia. This became clear after a visit of officials from the US Institute of Scrap Recycling (ISRI) and PSI at...» more

Proposed Dutch tax on residual waste would hit UK waste management

08 Jul 2019 − The Dutch government plans to tax wastes imported to the Netherlands for incineration or landfilling. According to information from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate (EAC) Eric Wiebes, the tax is intended to...» more

Indonesia introduces ISRI standards for recovered paper imports

02 Jul 2019 − After reversing course in spring, Indonesian authorities will now introduce more inspections and require compliance with quality standards for recovered paper imports.» more