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Cartiera Merati to hike coreboard prices

17 Jun 2021 − With raw material costs rising, prices for coreboard have also gone up this year in Europe. Now Cartiera Merati, one of Italy's leading coreboard producers, has announced another price hike for July. » more


Solidus Solutions announces price increases from 1 June

25 May 2021 − Solidus Solutions has announced price increases for board and board packaging from 1 June 2021.» more

Coreboard prices in Italy rising sharply

30 Mar 2021 − Recovered paper has become very expensive and demand for coreboard is said to be robust, with buyers having a hard time securing their supplies at times. Prices for coreboard therefore went up during the first quarter...» more

Cooler demand on Germany's core and coreboard market

18 Aug 2020 − The German core and coreboard market is still feeling the effects of the pandemic. After a short uptick in demand during the lockdown, business weakened substantially as from May at the latest.» more