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German coreboard market remains tight with prices climbing

05 Oct 2021 − Coreboard prices in Germany are soaring to record heights. Additional price increases emerged during the third quarter.» more


Corex acquires cores producer Topcore in Finland

09 Aug 2021 − Cores producer Corex has been growing in the past years. After taking over a big part of Corenso's business operations in 2019, the company continued its expansion in the Nordic countries.» more

Cartiera Merati to hike coreboard prices

17 Jun 2021 − With raw material costs rising, prices for coreboard have also gone up this year in Europe. Now Cartiera Merati, one of Italy's leading coreboard producers, has announced another price hike for July. » more

Solidus Solutions announces price increases from 1 June

25 May 2021 − Solidus Solutions has announced price increases for board and board packaging from 1 June 2021.» more