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New licences for the import of c.1.7m t of RCP to China out

15 Jul 2019 − On 10 July, Chinese authorities published the licences for the import of recovered paper for the third quarter, covering roughly 1.69 million t.» more


Cartiera Pieretti curtails containerboard production

12 Jul 2019 − Cartiera Pieretti has been under new management for a while and business is reportedly not going well since then. » more

Silphie Paper to continue production at Papierfabrik Scheufelen site

11 Jul 2019 − The newly founded company Silphie Paper intends to resume paper production on one of the three machines at the Lenningen paper mill of the insolvent Papierfabrik Scheufelen.» more

India introduces 10% import duty on newsprint and LWC

11 Jul 2019 − The Indian government has withdrawn the exemption from the basic customs duty (BCD) on publication paper imports. The measure is part of the country's 2019/2020 budget and applies as of 6 July 2019.» more