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New chance for pulp maker Fibre Excellence Tarascon

20 Jan 2021 − Fibre Excellence Tarascon is trying to find a way to survive. The company thinks that prospects are looking good now, as conditions on the pulp market are improving and it will get more financial help.» more


Pulp producers announce higher prices for both benchmark grades as from 1 January

12 Jan 2021 − Pulp suppliers would like see 2021 begin with sometimes markedly higher prices as pulp producers announced hikes effective as of 1 January for both hardwood and softwood pulp.» more

SCA asks for higher pulp price from 1 January

21 Dec 2020 − Demand for pulp is strong in all market, company says.» more

Södra announces price hike for NBSK pulp

17 Dec 2020 − A first announcement for a NBSK pulp price increase as of January has been published for the European market. Other players might follow suit.» more