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French fine paper prices poised to rise in Q2

27 Mar 2018 − Demand is still good and French suppliers of woodfree uncoated paper are therefore preparing for a price hike. Some contracts are said to have been already inked at higher prices.» more


Prices for sorted graphic paper for deinking
in France slip further

20 Dec 2017 − Not only the prices of the lower recovered paper grades, but also those of some medium grades have been suffering recently. Sorted graphic paper for deinking prices in France have been falling for several months now.» more

Paper suppliers and buyers in France amidst price negotiations in many segments

19 Dec 2017 − Negotiations on hikes for many paper and board grades at the beginning of 2018 are on the agenda of market players in France in December. » more

Woodfree uncoated paper prices up in France

24 Oct 2017 − Despite the general structural decline in graphic paper consumption, there is an upward price trend for woodfree uncoated paper in France. Those who had not already increased prices in September did so in October.» more