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Silphie Paper to continue production at Papierfabrik Scheufelen site

11 Jul 2019 − The newly founded company Silphie Paper intends to resume paper production on one of the three machines at the Lenningen paper mill of the insolvent Papierfabrik Scheufelen.» more


Administrators start new talks on sale of Arjowiggins UK mills

06 Jun 2019 − Negotiations with preferred bidder fell through» more

Virginal Paper in Belgium is bankrupt again

21 May 2019 − About one year ago, Terje Haglund - together with a group of investors - acquired the former Idempapers specialty paper mill in Belgium. Now, Virginal Paper is insolvent again.» more

Sandton Capital gets OK for the acquisition of Adveo's businesses in Belgium and France

20 May 2019 − Adveo Italia files for initiation of liquidation proceedings after talks with potential investors prove unsuccessful.» more