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Coreboard prices in Italy stop increasing

04 Jul 2018 − Things have become more quiet on the Italian coreboard market in the second quarter. Demand is still strong but coreboard prices stayed the same amidst low recovered paper costs.» more


Coreboard prices in Italy edge higher again in Q1

05 Apr 2018 − Coreboard producers in Italy appear to have managed to detach discussions about coreboard prices from conversations about raw material prices and were mostly able to slightly raise prices again at the start of 2018.» more

Recycled containerboard prices in Italy up
despite plunging RCP prices

28 Feb 2018 − Good demand and a tight market have led to prices increases for recycled corrugated case material in Italy. Upheaval on the market for ordinary recovered paper grades has curbed, but not averted price hikes. » more

Italy's competition watchdog delays ruling in corrugated sheet and packaging cartel case

22 Feb 2018 − Many a player on the corrugated board and packaging market was looking eagerly to the end of May 2018 when AGCM was expected to announce the results of its antitrust probe into the corrugated sector in Italy. Last...» more