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Publication paper manufacturers press ahead with capacity closures in Europe

13 Jan 2021 − SCA Ortviken to shut down machines in Q1 as scheduled» more


Publication paper prices in the UK could reach historic low

16 Dec 2020 − Shrinking markets are putting pressure on newsprint and magazine paper prices in the UK. The weakness of the pound sterling is additionally burdening suppliers.» more

UK: Negotiations begin on publication paper prices

25 Nov 2020 − Buyers want further price reductions for newsprint and magazine paper. » more

Norske Skog to idle SC paper machine at Saugbrugs

22 Oct 2020 − Norske Skog is proceeding with its efforts to ease supply pressure on the publication paper market. The company announced the closure of one SC paper machine with a capacity of 100,000 tpy.» more