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GC board prices edge up on the market in Poland

11 Feb 2019 − Manufacturers pushed hard to increase prices and improve their profit margins in the GC board business.» more


Poland's packaging industry records strong growth in 2018

29 Jan 2019 − Food sector is showing growing interest in high-quality packaging, according to the industry association PIO.» more

Prices for brown recycled containerboard declining in Germany and Poland in November

04 Dec 2018 − High stocks of brown recycled corrugated case materials in combination with a demand that failed to live up to expectations have prompted prices for these grades to decrease on the Polish and German markets in November. » more

Suppliers announce price hikes for GC board in Poland

09 Oct 2018 − Buyers and sellers are embroiled in talks about GC cartonboard prices in Poland. A price increase seems very likely, but the timing is not clear yet. » more