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Caustic soda prices surge in response to downtimes at chlorine plants

20 Jul 2021 − The caustic soda market is tight given the planned and unplanned stoppages at produciton plants that occurred in the past months. Prices have therefore risen and are poised to increase further.» more


Native starch prices rise amid high demand and reduced supply

07 Jul 2021 − Prices for native starch have been on a downward trend since early 2019. Since the second quarter 2021, however, there have been signs of a trend reversal.» more

DS Smith to increase prices for recycled corrugated case material

15 Jun 2021 − Next round of price increase announcements starts on the market for recycled corrugated case material, prices are to rise for deliveries in July.» more

NBSK pulp prices rise in October

11 Nov 2020 − A first price hike has been implemented on the Western European NBSK pulp market. Suppliers are hoping for a second step in November.» more