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Prices for main pulp grades remain stable in October

03 Nov 2021 − Although many paper manufacturers had been pushing for price reductions in October, it appears their attempts were once again unsuccessful. » more


Pulp prices unchanged in September

21 Oct 2021 − Logistics disruptions squeezing pulp supplies in Europe.» more

After long upswing, pulp prices in Europe stabilise in July

11 Aug 2021 − Although demand is strong, pulp prices have now stabilised in Europe. Price developments in China and North America have impacted the market.» more

Caustic soda prices surge in response to downtimes at chlorine plants

20 Jul 2021 − The caustic soda market is tight given the planned and unplanned stoppages at produciton plants that occurred in the past months. Prices have therefore risen and are poised to increase further.» more