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Pro-Gest to fire up Mantua packaging paper mill in September

03 Jun 2020 − Capacity increase project at the Mantua RCCM mill approved. The Integrated Pollution and Prevention Control (IPPC) permit was issued in late May.» more


Pro-Gest to start Mantua recycled containerboard mill before July

04 May 2020 − Provincial authority OKs capacity increase at Pro-Gest's recycled containerboard mill in Mantua. Authorisation process to be completed next week.» more

Pro-Gest's Villa Lagarina containerboard and tissue mill up and running again

02 Mar 2020 − Pro-Gest has resumed production at the Villa Lagarina recycled containerboard and tissue mill. The machines had been down for about ten days.» more

Production stop at Pro-Gest containerboard and tissue mill in Italy

28 Feb 2020 − Pro-Gest's recycled containerboard and tissue mill has been standing still since last Tuesday. It is not the only site in Italy experiencing production stoppages lately.» more