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Sappi starts rebuild of PM 8 at its Lanaken mill

10 Apr 2019 − Downtime will reduce LWC output by about 50.000 t in the first half of 2019.» more


Mounting pressure on publication paper prices in Italy

03 Apr 2019 − Slow demand and abundant supply are shaping business in many segments of the Italian paper and board market.» more

UPM to shut down LWC paper machine in Germany

02 Apr 2019 − Demand for LWC and other mechanical paper has been declining steadily during the past ten years. This has led UPM to decide on the closure of a PM in Plattling.» more

Sale of Catalyst Paper to Paper Excellence concluded

20 Mar 2019 − Paper Excellence Canada has expanded its portfolio and added 1.3 million t of pulp and paper capacities. The company finalised the acquisition of Catalyst Paper.» more