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Receding prices for all pulp grades

08 Jan 2019 − Pulp prices are still showing signs of weakness after they started to fall in November. First contracts showed reduced prices for December.» more


First price reductions for pulp in November

11 Dec 2018 − Prices have started to move in the pulp market. After a long period of continuously rising and then stable pulp prices, the trend has now started to turn around.» more

Upward price trend on pulp market comes to a halt

07 Aug 2018 − After a long time, pulp prices finally stopped their inexorable rise from one month to the next in July and no increases were announced for August. » more

Brazilian truckers’ strike expected to squeeze hardwood pulp supply

12 Jun 2018 − The truck drivers’ strike in Brazil, the world’s largest producing country for eucalyptus pulp, has led to significant production downtime in the country’s pulp industry and also entailed severe delays in pulp...» more