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Manufacturers book higher fine paper prices on the UK market

23 Jul 2021 − Paper manufacturers are reporting brisk ordering, good workloads and lengthening lead times in July.» more


Oil and chemicals company VKG mulls building a pulp mill in Estonia

22 Jul 2021 − VKG says it was looking to create added value for Estonia's pulpwood, while serving additional domand for renewable energy and bioproducts.» more

Caustic soda prices surge in response to downtimes at chlorine plants

20 Jul 2021 − The caustic soda market is tight given the planned and unplanned stoppages at produciton plants that occurred in the past months. Prices have therefore risen and are poised to increase further.» more

Sale of UPM's Chapelle Darblay mill delayed again

19 Jul 2021 − The former newsprint mill Chapelle Darblay is to become a hydrogen plant, if UPM gets its way. However, the trade union is not happy with this decision and has found a way to delay the sale for a few more months.» more