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Södra Cell announces price hike for NBSK from 1 February

24 Jan 2020 − Pulp manufacturer Södra Cell announces that due to a shift in market balance it wants to increase NBSK prices from 1 February. » more


Heinzel to expand pulp capacity at Pöls site

23 Jan 2020 − New pulp capacity "creates the conditions for the construction of another paper machine", says Kurt Maier, CEO of Heinzel Group.» more

Pulp prices looking stable at the turn of the year

08 Jan 2020 − Not all December negotiations had been wrapped up in the first week of January.» more

Supreme Administrative Court in Finland stops Finnpulp's pulp project

02 Jan 2020 − "The court's decision marks the end of the current mill project," said Niilo Pellonmaa, Chairman of the Board of Finnpulp.» more