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EU ban on recovered paper exports to India to be corrected

26 Oct 2021 − It was not the intention of the Indian government to ban recovered paper imports from the EU, and updates to an EU Regulation that will result in such a ban are indeed what they initially appeared to be – an unfortunate...» more


Apparent ban on recovered paper exports from EU to India a "clerical error"?

26 Oct 2021 − The release last week of updated rules for exporting green-listed wastes from the EU to non-OECD countries has "caused quite a stir" in recovered paper circles.» more

Court upholds opt-in rules for advertising flyers in Amsterdam

04 Oct 2021 − As the first Dutch city, Amsterdam introduced an opt-in system for advertising flyers in 2018 in an attempt to reduce paper waste. Two associations sued the city council - and lost.» more

Paper producers in France bemoan exploding costs and procurement problems

04 Oct 2021 − Cost increases "unprecedented in magnitude.” » more