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UK Recycling Association: "Keep up recycling collections from households"

27 Mar 2020 − Collection volumes in the UK have dropped significantly. This is not only due to the closure of many businesses, shops and restaurants, but also the fact that some local councils have already suspended recycling...» more


40 per cent of waste paper sorting plants in France closed

27 Mar 2020 − Sorting and recycling activity in France is severly hit by the impacts of coronavirus. Recovered paper supply is therefore expected to fall and prices to rise.» more

UK experts fear collapse of recovered fibre collection volumes

24 Mar 2020 − As the coronavirus crisis starts to hit the UK as well, insiders in the recovered paper business fear that collection volumes will "fall off the cliff."» more

23rd International Recovered Paper Conference in Düsseldorf will not take place

12 Mar 2020 − The venue is located in one of the regions most affected by coronavirus in Germany, organisers say.» more