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India launches anti-dumping probe into newsprint imports

22 Jan 2020 − Newsprint prices for imports from Australia, Canada, European Union, Hong Kong, Russia, Singapore and United Arab Emirates are below "selling price and non-injurious price for the domestic industry", claims INMA.» more


Supreme Administrative Court in Finland stops Finnpulp's pulp project

02 Jan 2020 − "The court's decision marks the end of the current mill project," said Niilo Pellonmaa, Chairman of the Board of Finnpulp.» more

No recovered paper exports to Indonesia as of today

22 Nov 2019 − Inspections of recovered paper destined for Indonesia have been suspended, meaning that no recovered paper can be exported in that country at the moment. This comes at a time when supply pressure is already high. » more

EU: Anti-dumping proceedings on imports of heavyweight thermal papers from South Korea

18 Oct 2019 − The European Commission has initiated anti-dumping proceedings concerning the import of certain heavyweight thermal papers (HWTP) from the Republic of Korea. » more