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SCA and St1 establish joint venture for liquid biofuels

20 Sep 2021 − New 200,000 tpy biorefinery is being build in Gothenburg.» more


Port of Tilbury secures SCA as a major new customer

20 May 2021 − Sweden’s SCA has agreed on a long-term deal with UK Paper Hub of the Port of Tilbury, which will become the pulp and paper group’s UK logistics hub for the import of packaging materials. » more

SCA closes its last publication paper machine

26 Feb 2021 − On 25 February, SCA permanently closed paper machine LWC 4 at the Ortviken paper mill. This marked the end of SCA's entire publication paper production. » more

SCA closes down another paper machine at its Ortivken mill

04 Feb 2021 − One machine for coated magazine paper is left running at the site and will be closed within the next seven weeks.» more