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Sappi leaves Cham site in Switzerland, digital imaging business to be integrated into other company sites

17 Sep 2018 − Sappi will transfer former CPG digital solutions business to existing facilities in Europe, cutting 25 full-time jobs in Cham. » more


Sappi announces price increase for fine papers

21 Aug 2018 − Sappi Europe announced its plans to hike prices for woodfree coated and uncoated papers from 1 October 2018.» more

Magazine paper suppliers go for July price increases

09 May 2018 − More magazine paper producers have disclosed their price hike plans for deliveries in the second half of the year. The move comes amid good demand for publication on the market in Europe and should help to offset rising...» more

Pulp production resumes at Sappi Stockstadt mill

11 Apr 2018 − Sappi's Stockstadt mill has restarted operations after five days of downtime caused by a fire.» more