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Toscotec supplies new tissue machine to Slovenia's Paloma

18 Jul 2019 − New tissue machine can produce 220 tonnes per day and is scheduled for start-up in June next year, says Toscotec.» more


Klippans Bruk to start up new tissue capacity soon

04 Jul 2019 − Klippans Bruk will start up its new tissue line at the end of week 29/beginning of week 30, as scheduled. » more

Paper industry workers stage strikes in the Spanish province of Gipuzkoa

21 Jun 2019 − The two day strike is part of a larger protest that will see paper industry workers downing tools on a total of 16 days til mid-October.» more

Grigeo plans massive investments in recycled containerboard and corrugated activities

18 Jun 2019 − Private equity investment fund INVL Baltic Sea Growth Fund to invest €30m in Grigeo's corrugated business.» more