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Woodfree paper markets remain strained in Germany

15 Nov 2021 − Graphic paper prices are still soaring in the wake of a supply shortage on the German market. » more


Fine paper prices up in Italy, with more hikes set to follow

04 Nov 2021 − Buyers of fine paper in Italy feel overrun by the steep price increases, especially on the spot market. Supply is limited and prices are set to rise again in November, with many suppliers applying energy surcharges.» more

VPK converts PM at Alizay mill in the second half of 2022

18 Oct 2021 − Production of recycled corrugated case material is to start at the end of next year.» more

RCP prices in France rise again, producers of all paper grades targeting price hikes

29 Sep 2021 − Capacity cuts are changing the market for printing and writing paper.» more