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Fine paper prices in Germany are rising

08 Apr 2021 − Rising pulp costs are pushing fine paper producers to take action. They implemented price increases for woodfree papers in Germany in March or April.» more


Fedrigoni announces price hike for copy paper

09 Feb 2021 − Italy's Fedrigoni group has announced a price increase of 7 per cent for office copy paper.» more

Sappi Europe to hike prices for fine paper

14 Jan 2021 − Sappi Europe has launched a price hike initiative for fine paper on markets in Europe and overseas. The move is motivated by cost increases for raw materials and logistics.» more

Burgo Tolmezzo paper mill temporary down due to Covid-19

11 Nov 2020 − Tolmezzo fine and specialty paper mill houses two paper machines and produces woodfree uncoated offset paper in reels and sheets, copy paper, and machine-glazed paper for packaging applications. » more