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Domtar to restart fine paper machine at Ashdown mill

16 Jul 2021 − During the pandemic last year, Domtar slashed 655,000 t of woodfree paper capacities. Now, the company sees first signs of a market recovery and has decided to restart its fine paper in Ashdown, USA.» more


Closures and rebuilding projects trimming surplus capacity in the woodfree paper market

08 Jun 2021 − Future trend in paper consumption will be key to market balance» more

France: Higher raw material costs force paper producers to take action on prices

28 Apr 2021 − Due to rising cost pressure, above all for fibre, suppliers of paper and board have announced or are implementing price increases in France. » more

Stora Enso in talks on shutting down Kvarnsveden and Veitsiluoto pulp and paper mills

20 Apr 2021 − Stora Enso plans to permanetly close Kvarnsveden and Veitsiluoto mills in the third quarter 2021, reducing paper capacity by 565,000 tpy of SC paper and improved newsprint, and 790,000 tpy of woodfree uncoated and...» more