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Skjern Papirfabrik upgrades BM 1 with Toscotec

20 Mar 2019 − The rebuild aims at increasing drying capacity of the paper machine by over 20% and improving web run stability, says Toscotec.» more


Sonoco builds cores facility in Saudi Arabia

27 Feb 2019 − Sonoco Alcore took its first steps into the Saudi Arabian market. In a joint venture with a Saudi Arabian company, Sonoco built a new cores plant with a capacity of 20,000 tpy.» more

VPK Packaging to acquire Corenso’s
businesses in Europe and China

21 Feb 2019 − Corenso is parting with a big part of the company. A total of two coreboard mills and 13 cores plants are to be sold to VPK Packaging. » more

Pressure on coreboard prices rises in Germany

19 Feb 2019 − The supply situation for coreboard has markedly eased in Germany. However, German manufacturers claim they have not yet acceded to their customers' demands for price cuts. » more