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After a year of stalemate, prices for label papers are rising in Germany

12 Feb 2019 − Label paper suppliers were able to increase prices for 2019 in Germany after long-term contracts prevented them from handing on higher pulp costs to their customers in 2018.» more


GC board prices edge up on the market in Poland

11 Feb 2019 − Manufacturers pushed hard to increase prices and improve their profit margins in the GC board business.» more

Downward price trend for brown kraftliner expected to continue in Germany

05 Feb 2019 − Among good supply of brown kraftliner, market experts expect the downward price trend, which started in November last year, to continue in February.» more

Manufacturers fail to hike fine paper prices in Italy

05 Feb 2019 − January marked the end of a long series of price increases for woodfree paper that manufacturers were instituting quarter by quarter over the last two years in an effort to catch up with rising pulp prices.» more