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Strong demand for deinking grades prevails on German RCP market

18 Sep 2018 − High demand from China contributed to an increase in prices for sorted graphic paper for deinking in Germany in August. » more


Canada requests consultations with China on dissolving pulp tariffs

13 Sep 2018 − China has been applying anti-dumping duties of up to 33.5% on imports of cellulose pulp from Brazil, Canada and the USA since 2014.» more

Prices of sack kraft paper rise in Germany

11 Sep 2018 − As availability remains tight, prices for brown and white sack kraft papers continue to rise in Germany in the third quarter.» more

Coreboard producers announce
price adjustments for the German market

28 Aug 2018 − Although availability is starting to improve on Germany's coreboard market, another price round has been initiated. Suppliers seek to charge more from September or October. » more