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Baden Board eyed by potential investors

01 Dec 2021 − The group is still waiting for the opening of insolvency proceedings which is expected for next January.» more


Conai cuts environmental levy for paper packaging in Italy

30 Nov 2021 − There will be some cost relief for Italian packaging producers and users. The environmental contribution for paper packaging is set to be lowered again.» more

Ikea to phase out plastic packaging

26 Nov 2021 − Ikea will use no more plastic packaging for all new range of products by 2025, and will phase out plastic packaging in its running range of products by 2028.» more

The upward trend in cartonboard prices continues in Germany

19 Nov 2021 − Recycled cartonboard prices edged higher again in November. Primary fibre-based grades look set to become more expensive from 1 January at the latest. » more