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Market players discuss cuts to GC board prices in Germany

03 Jul 2019 − Lower pulp prices and subdued demand are increasing downward pressure on folding boxboard board prices. » more


Aurelius to divest solid board and packaging producer Solidus Board

01 Jul 2019 − Aurelius to part with its investment in Solidus Solutions after four years. The sale will increase Aurelis' 2019 earning by €102m. » more

British retailer Waitrose trials „Unpacked“ concept

07 Jun 2019 − British retailer Waitrose & Partners has transformed one shop in Oxford in order to test concepts to sell products without packaging. » more

International Paper to sell Indian subsidiary APPM

31 May 2019 − International Paper is almost withdrawing from the Indian market. The company plans to sell to its majority stake in the Indian subsidiary International Paper APPM Limited.» more