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EC conditionally approves Suzano-Fibria-deal

03 Dec 2018 − Suzano commits to dissolve Fibria's exclusive sales agreement with Klabin and transfer assets and business in Europe to Klabin. » more


Canfor to acquire stake in VIDA in Sweden

16 Nov 2018 − Canada's Canfor Corporation will do its first step outside of North America. The company plans to acquire a majority stake in Swedish VIDA Group, which is specialised in wood products.» more

Resolute to increase pulp capacity at Thunder Bay mill

08 Nov 2018 − Improving energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emmissions» more

Navigator resumes production after hurricane

22 Oct 2018 − The pulp and fine paper mill of The Navigator Company was down for more than a week because it was damaged by hurricane Leslie. Now, two out of three lines have been restarted.» more