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China’s recovered paper import policy has huge impact on US market

11 Dec 2019 − China considers complete ban on imports of all recovered paper grades by the end of 2020» more


No more cuts to pulp prices in November

11 Dec 2019 − The downslide in pulp prices has come to a halt. Suppliers and converters agreed relatively quickly on unchanged prices for both softwood und hardwood pulp in November. » more

Stora Enso to explore bio-plastics production at Langerbrugge mill

10 Dec 2019 − Stora Enso is looking into the production of new bio-based barrier materials for food and beverage packaging applications.» more

Woodfree coated paper producers aim for stable prices in Germany despite price pressure

10 Dec 2019 − Coated fine paper manufacturers are facing challenges in the light of low pulp prices but many a supplier is not willing to talk about renewed price cuts. » more