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Biffa: EA failed to specify required level of purity

25 Jun 2019 − After having been convicted of breaching the waste export law, British recycling company Biffa said it strongly contested this case and was very disappointed with this outcome. » more


Biffa convicted of waste export violations

25 Jun 2019 − British waste management company Biffa has been convicted of waste export violations tied to two shipments declared as recovered paper that it tried to ship to China in 2015.» more

Recycled containerboard prices still on downward path in Italy in June

25 Jun 2019 − The downward trend in recycled corrugated case material prices did not come to an end in June, as many market players in Italy had expected and hoped. » more

UPM to shut down PM 10 at its Plattling mill by mid-July

24 Jun 2019 − The closure will remove 155.000 tpy of LWC output capacity from the market.» more