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Stora Enso considering market related downtime at Oulu woodfree coated paper mill

28 Nov 2018 − Temporary layoffs during the first half of 2019 could affect 500 people. » more


Arctic Paper to close fine paper machine in Grycksbo

19 Nov 2018 − Fine paper capacities are to be taken from the market. Arctic Paper wants to close a 45,000 tpy machine in Sweden.» more

Inapa to take over Papyrus Deutschland

25 Oct 2018 − Inapa will combine the €389m business of its German subsidiary Papier Union with €561m of Papyrus Deutschland. » more

Mondi proceeds with containerboard investment project in Slovakia

15 Oct 2018 − Total investment cost upwardly revised by €30m to €340m due to refined technical concept of the machine and higher construction costs, according to Mondi. » more