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Pulp producers announce higher prices for both benchmark grades as from 1 January

12 Jan 2021 − Pulp suppliers would like see 2021 begin with sometimes markedly higher prices as pulp producers announced hikes effective as of 1 January for both hardwood and softwood pulp.» more


Metsä Board completes sale of stake in Husum

04 Jan 2021 − Metsä Board wants to focus on growth in its paperboard business and has therefore sold a stake in the Husum mill in Sweden in order to free some capital. » more

SCA asks for higher pulp price from 1 January

21 Dec 2020 − Demand for pulp is strong in all market, company says.» more

Södra announces price hike for NBSK pulp

17 Dec 2020 − A first announcement for a NBSK pulp price increase as of January has been published for the European market. Other players might follow suit.» more