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Scheufelen to be liquidated

14 May 2019 − On May 1, 2019, insolvency proceedings were opened over Papierfabrik Scheufelen. The company is now in the process of being liquidated. » more


Scheufelen files for insolvency again

21 Feb 2019 − Grass paper sales slower than expected, company says» more

Igepa relocates production of WFC paper brand Heaven 42

13 Dec 2018 − With this move, Igepa is reacting to Feldmuehle's announcement to discontinue WFC production. » more

Igepa has Heaven 42 produced by Feldmuehle

05 Jul 2018 − Igepa has commissioned German manufacturer Feldmuehle to produce the fine paper brand Heaven 42. The wood-free coated paper was developed and used to be manufactured by Scheufelen paper mill. » more