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October brings some stabilisation for softwood pulp prices on European market

12 Nov 2019 − While negotiations for BEK pulp contract prices for October were often still pending in the first week of November, many buyers and suppliers of NBSK pulp agreed on stable prices for October.» more


Prices for nearly all grades fall on the British RCP market

28 Oct 2019 − The unfavourable economic climate and limited export opportunities knocked the British recovered paper market for six in October. » more

Downward trend in pulp prices continues in October

25 Oct 2019 − Although not all contracts had been done and dusted by the end of the penultimate week of October, it was already more than evident that the pulp price erosion on the European market cannot be stopped in October, either.» more

Fine paper market in Germany more stable in October

22 Oct 2019 − Despite the constant price pressure in all market segments, things appear to be stabilising on the graphic papers market in Germany. » more