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Sappi Alfeld mill hit by fire

13 May 2020 − Production on PM 3 down, but all other paper machines up and running.» more


Sappi Europe to temporary halt PM 7 at Lanaken paper mill

16 Apr 2020 − Sappi will suspend production on one paper machine at the Lanaken coated woodfree and magazine paper mill in order to adapt output to falling demand.» more

Burgo and Lecta announce higher prices for fine paper

03 Mar 2020 − Two more suppliers have informed their customers of imminent price increases of 5-7 per cent for both coated and uncoated woodfree sheets and reels. » more

Sappi Europe announces fine paper price hike

12 Feb 2020 − Sappi Fine Paper Europe has launched a price hike initiative for woodfree coated and uncoated paper in sheets and reels on export markets.» more