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Domtar announces further production stoppage

28 Apr 2020 − Another of Domtar's fine paper mills will be temporarily shut down due to declining demand. Production of woodfree uncoated paper will be reduced by around 75,000 t.» more


Stora Enso takes downtime at Oulu and Veitsiluoto mills

28 Apr 2020 − Stora Enso will curb fine paper output at the Finnish Oulu and Veitsiluoto mills due to weak market demand.» more

UK: Recovered paper prices soar while demand for graphic paper collapses

28 Apr 2020 − Demands of corrugated case material producers for higher prices are meeting with resistance from buyers.» more

The Navigator Company curbs uncoated woodfree paper output

22 Apr 2020 − The Navigator Company has decided to temporarily reduce uncoated woodfree paper capacity as demand for printing and writing paper has subsided amid the coronavirus crisis. » more