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Hamburger Containerboard's new PM to be installed in Turkey

13 Sep 2017 − Hamburger Containerboard has opted for Turkey - and not Germany - as the location for its new containerboard machine. The company will build a new paper mill in the country. » more


Norske Skog: BOD to launch new restructuring proposal, SSN holders issue acceleration notice

13 Sep 2017 − Publication paper company Norske Skog is working to launch a new restructuring proposal on 18 September, but 2019 SSN holders have issued an acceleration notice, declaring immediate maturity of all debt under the SSN.» more

Norske Skog announces plan for new recapitalisation proposal, Citibank issues acceleration notice for 2019 SSN

12 Sep 2017 − New recapitalisation proposal is expected to be presented next Monday. 2019 SSN trustee Citibank, however, issued an acceleration notice and declared immediate maturity of all monetary obligations under the SSN.» more

First producer to kick off new price round for GC cartonboard

12 Sep 2017 − Cartonmakers' year-end business picking up» more