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Employees trying to take over
idled Crèvecoeur mill in France

11 Jun 2019 − The liquidation of the Crèvecoeur mill in France had caused an uproar among employees. Some of them are now developing a business plan for a potential takeover.» more


Virginal Paper in Belgium is bankrupt again

21 May 2019 − About one year ago, Terje Haglund - together with a group of investors - acquired the former Idempapers specialty paper mill in Belgium. Now, Virginal Paper is insolvent again.» more

Thermal paper market in Europe returning to normalcy after overheating in 2018

07 May 2019 − EUWID market report shows weak global demand and abundant supply creating price pressure on the European thermal paper market.» more

Production at Arjowiggins Greenfield running at reduced capacity

25 Feb 2019 − Nothing has been decided yet concerning Arjowiggins’ three mills Greenfield, Le Bourray and Bessé-sur-Braye, but while waiting for a decision to be made on the future of the sites, the Greenfield mill has partly...» more