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Fine paper demand in France plummeting

21 Apr 2020 − There are signs of much slower business as a result of the pandemic in France’s woodfree coated and uncoated paper markets. Prices in April were stable, but pressure is rising.» more


Germany: downturn in fine paper business amid Coronavirus crisis

15 Apr 2020 − As the lockdown measures continue, producers of uncoated and coated woodfree paper are seeing their order backlogs shrink dramatically. » more

UPM responds to declining demand for printing and writing paper

14 Apr 2020 − The company is prepared to take market-related downtime case by case following the market development.» more

Mondi takes downtime at Neusiedler and Merebank mills

09 Apr 2020 − Mondi plc has temporarily shut down production at the Neusiedler mill in Austria and the Merebank plant in South Africa in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. » more