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Sappi Europe to temporary halt PM 7 at Lanaken paper mill

16 Apr 2020 − Sappi will suspend production on one paper machine at the Lanaken coated woodfree and magazine paper mill in order to adapt output to falling demand.» more


UPM responds to declining demand for printing and writing paper

14 Apr 2020 − The company is prepared to take market-related downtime case by case following the market development.» more

Norske Skog curbs output at Saugbrugs and Tasman paper mills

14 Apr 2020 − Newsprint and magazine paper manufacturer Norske Skog provides an operational update in Europe and Australasia amid Covid-19 impact on markets.» more

Ahlstrom expands production of healthcare materials

09 Apr 2020 − The company's Turin and Tampere plant are ramping up output of fabrics for face masks. » more