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Most finished paper prices remain stable in the UK in August

03 Sep 2019 − Despite ongoing weak demand for the most part, prices stabilised for most finished paper and board grades in the UK in August. Only coated fine papers saw further reductions.» more


European magazine paper prices impacted by structural decline

30 Jul 2019 − After having peaked at the beginning of the year, prices for magazine papers in Europe started to decline again to reach or even undercut pre-increase price levels in July. » more

Relatively sizeable price cuts emerge for newsprint on the British market

23 Jul 2019 − With just a few exceptions, newsprint prices for the second half of the year turned out to be bigger than paper producers had wanted to allow until just recently. Some more modest price reductions have been negotiated...» more

Sluggish demand creates price pressure for fine papers in Germany

05 Jul 2019 − Price pressure for coated and uncoated woodfree paper continues to be felt in the German market. » more