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New batch of RCP import licences for China

09 Jan 2020 − The second batch of licences to import recovered paper into China has been issued and brings total volumes YTD to 3.19 million t.» more


China publishes first batch of licences for RCP imports 2020

27 Dec 2019 − On 23 December 2019, Chinese authorities published the first batch of import licences for the new year. » more

Reactions to the General Election results in the UK

17 Dec 2019 − EUWID collected some voices in the market to capture the mood in the UK paper industry directly after the election. The opinions and views below do not represent EUWID's opinions and views.» more

RCP exports to Indonesia to resume in January?

12 Dec 2019 − Stakeholders in recovered paper markets hope exports to Indonesia can be resumed as of January next year.» more