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Lecta idles production at Cartiere del Garda amid Covid-19 issues

19 Mar 2020 − Italy's Garda fine paper mill temporarily stops operation due to difficulties arising from the coronavirus pandemic. Paper merchant Polyedra not affected.» more


Germany reports good demand for woodfree paper in February

05 Mar 2020 − Strike in the pulp and paper industry in Finland left its mark on the woodfree paper markets in Germany. Manufacturers announce price hikes for Q2.» more

Burgo and Lecta announce higher prices for fine paper

03 Mar 2020 − Two more suppliers have informed their customers of imminent price increases of 5-7 per cent for both coated and uncoated woodfree sheets and reels. » more

Sappi considers closure of PM 2 at its Stockstadt mill

11 Feb 2020 − Structually declining demand is taking its next toll: 240,000 tpy of woodfree coated paper output capacity are to be eliminated» more