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Turkey sees slump in waste paper collections amid Covid-19 expansion

07 Apr 2020 − Recovered paper availability in Turkey has deteriorated amid the coronavirus crisis as there are problems with collections. Waste paper imports had increased last year but have also shrunk of late.» more


Mercer and West Fraser to take downtime at Quesnel JV pulp mill

03 Apr 2020 − The 50/50 JV Cariboo Pulp and Paper mill will stop NBSK pulp production for four weeks as of 20 April as Covid-19 related restrictions impact business.» more

Stora Enso mulls temporary layoffs at Oulu and Veitsiluoto mills

03 Apr 2020 − Stora Enso to start co-determination process on temporary layoffs of 2,000 employees in Finland due to uncertainties arising from Coronavirus pandemic.» more

Burgo Ardennes woodfree paper mill resumes production

02 Apr 2020 − Burgo's Ardennes site in Belgium was down for ten days and has now restarted operations.» more