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Publication paper prices hit all-time low in Germany and Italy

02 Feb 2021 − Market players believe that the latest price development will accelerate industry restructuring and lead to more capacity closures for newsprint and magazine paper.» more


Demand for newspapers continues to plummet in the UK

26 Jan 2021 − Amid ever decreasing newspaper circulation figures and consumption, prices for newsprint continued their downward trajectory on the British market in January. » more

French publication paper prices tumble to historically low levels

19 Jan 2021 − With just a few exceptions, all price negotiations on the French newsprint and magazine paper market had been put to bed in France in the second week of January. » more

Papresa orders OCC stock preparation plant from Voith

15 Jan 2021 − New stock preparation equipment is part of Papresa's conversion programm towards packaging papers.» more