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UK printing and writing paper prices falling across the board in July

21 Jul 2020 − Corrugated case material prices feeling the pinch, and a number of recovered paper grades became cheaper.» more


Polish GD cartonboard prices rise in Q2

15 Jul 2020 − Higher recovered paper prices and a temporary boom in demand have led suppliers to increase their prices for cartonboard in Poland. Now, demand has softened again and players are wondering if the hikes will be...» more

Slowing coreboard demand thwarts producers’ price hike plans

30 Jun 2020 − The second quarter started off on a good note, but ended in subdued fashion for coreboard manufacturers in Italy.» more

Germany: Price pressure on the horizon for
recycled packaging paper and board grades

29 Jun 2020 − Soaring recovered paper prices across Europe in April have prompted suppliers of recycled packaging paper and board grades to implement hikes. However, as recovered paper prices are retreating again, pressure to take...» more