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Pulp prices stable amid opposing trends in demand

16 Apr 2020 − Pulp prices have not changed in March although some NBSK producers tried to lift prices. The outlook for the industry is quite unclear. » more


Germany: downturn in fine paper business amid Coronavirus crisis

15 Apr 2020 − As the lockdown measures continue, producers of uncoated and coated woodfree paper are seeing their order backlogs shrink dramatically. » more

German sack kraft paper prices drop in Q1
despite good demand

08 Apr 2020 − Good capacity utililsation levels would suggest rising prices for sack kraft paper in Germany. However, hikes are not an issue at the moment and looking at the quarter as a whole, prices declined.» more

Price for mixed paper positive again in the UK

07 Apr 2020 − Given the very dynamic market situation, EUWID decided to publish an interim report for the British recovered paper market (RCP).» more