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Pro-Gest hands in amended Mantua RCCM mill project plan, no more waste incineration but biogas production

15 Nov 2019 − All eyes on doubling production capacity for recycled corrugated case material. Next meeting of the relevant bodies and Pro-Gest scheduled before the end of the year. » more


November prices for kraftliner in Germany not cut and dried yet

12 Nov 2019 − Economic climate not expected to recover soon.» more

Recycled containerboard paper prices heading lower in Italy

06 Nov 2019 − Pressure on prices is being exacerbated by abundant supply from outside Italy, experts noted.» more

Ilim Group starts up kraftliner machine at Bratsk mill

04 Nov 2019 − As part of its large-scale investment programme involving development of the existing facilities and the launch of new capacities, Ilim Group started up its kraftliner machine at the Bratsk mill in October. » more