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Iberpapel postpones pulp mill upgrade amid coronavirus crisis

09 Apr 2020 − Pulp mill upgrade and capacity increase at Iberpapel's subsidiary Papelera Guipuzcoana de Zicuñaga is now scheduled for the third quarter. » more


UPM interrupts production at Caledonian paper mill

26 Mar 2020 − The spread of the coronavirus causes more and more employees to remain absent from work.» more

APP to start its new FBB machine in Guangxi next year

16 Mar 2020 − Mill's total board capacity to rise by 1.8 million t in the foreseeable future» more

Varel’s PM 4 restarts after rebuild

16 Mar 2020 − After having been idled on 30 January for an upgrade, Varel's PM 4 was started up again on 6 March.» more