Careo to rebuild board machine in Santa Giustina

Santa Giustina Mill
Source: Careo
21 Jul 2014 − 

In August Careo will idle the board machine at the Santa Giustina mill for a rebuild. As a result, the board's runability and printability will increase.

On 5 August, Careo will stop the board machine at Reno de Medici’s Santa Giustina mill for a rebuild. Francesco Canal, the mill’s manager director, said in an interview "We will remove the suction formers and install a new fourdrinier (flatbed sheet forming unit), which means that all grades will be built up with a state of the art 4 layers system. Additionally we will install a belt calender before the coating section. This is a new generation of calender (PrimeCal Y, made by Andritz) and we will be the first installing such technology.

"As a result of the rebuilt, production at Santa Giustina will be more stable, which leads to a more regular profile. The board will also have a better stiffness ratio MD/CD. There will also be a better sheet formation and finally with the belt calender a higher smoothness and higher gloss. So we can ensure a better printability and runability on all converting machines and packing lines.”     

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