Some publication paper prices in Italy set to rise further in June or July

Newsprint prices in Italy have started to move higher
02 Jun 2021 − 

Publication paper producers are looking back to a very challenging year, with margins falling to what they say are unsustainable levels. In this context, suppliers to the Italian market have recently started to implement price hikes where possible and plan further mark-ups for June or July.

The news that producers plan to charge more for newsprint and magazine paper was the big issue on Italy's publication paper market in May.

Publication paper manufacturers desperately need to raise their sales prices and are doing everything they can to do so soon. Official proposals to invoice more for magazine paper and newsprint are on the table. These higher prices will generally apply to deliveries from 1 June or 1 July onwards.

That being said, manufacturers already started to increase their prices as much as possible and where feasible back in April. EUWID sources said that such scenarios are evident for new deals and extra amounts, but it was not unusual for quarterly contracts starting in April to feature a higher price, too.

This article is an excerpt from EUWID's report on the paper markets in Italy.

Find the EUWID Price Watch Italy for May in EUWID Pulp and Paper issue no 22/2021, which will be available to our e-paper and print subscribers as of 2 June.

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