40 per cent of waste paper sorting plants in France closed

Waste paper supply is expected to fall drastically
as many sorting plants close in France © Fotolia
27 Mar 2020 − 

Sorting and recycling activity in France is severly hit by the impacts of coronavirus. Recovered paper supply is therefore expected to fall and prices to rise.

French recycling organisation Citeo estimates that around 40 per cent of sorting plants in France have shut down since the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown on 17 March. This corresponds to 69 plants or 34 per cent of sorting capacities in France, including overseas territories, Citeo told EUWID.

The organisation explains that the spread of Covid-19 has led to a lack of personnel in some facilities, forcing them to close. Moreover, some sites were reportedly not able to guarantee that social distancing recommendations be followed.

The reduced sorting activity inevitably leads to a decrease in recoverd paper supply in the country. Market players on the French recovered paper market are already feeling the effects and say that stocks are declining. They expect a significant supply shortfall in the weeks ahead, with recovered paper prices rising considerably as a result.

Insiders also told EUWID that some municipalities in France could not maintain separate collection due to a lack of personnel. Some waste paper in the country was now incinerated, they claimed.

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