95 per cent of sorting plants in France
are up and running again

40% of sorting plants in France were closed,
but most of them have reopened now
27 May 2020 − 

When Covid-19 started to spread, many recycling centres in France stopped operations. Now things are normalising again on this front.

Almost all sorting plants in France are operational again after the downtimes seen in March and April. French packaging waste recovery organisation Citeo reported that 95 per cent of the sorting plants in the country had reopened, which corresponds to a total of 165 plants.

However, 38 of these plants are not yet fully operational and are running at lower throughput rates. Since the proper distancing must be maintained between workers, fewer employees can be deployed at some sites, Citeo explains. In addition, less waste is being generated.

Only 3 per cent of the sorting plants in France are now still closed for reasons tied to the coronavirus. The remaining 2 per cent of plants are reportedly closed because work is carried out.

As the pandemic began to spread in France and health and distance regulations were introduced, many recycling companies had to close their doors because they could not guarantee compliance with the social distancing recommendations or because they lacked personnel. About 40 per cent of the sorting plants were closed, which was one of the reasons for the drastic reduction in the supply of recovered paper.


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